oic of self 9.14.12Paintings by Carol C Spaulding

I am moved by forces that pull together and expand outward, build up and tear down, create structure, diffuse form. Hard and soft edges, strident and lyrical marks, editing, excavating, layering, restraint. My work is about exploration and invention, and ultimately: sense-making. These impulses invite creative tension around contradiction and cohesiveness.

Through color, form, line, music, and the dance of paint on canvas, I seek joyousness, a kindling, an awakening, a respite, a pause, a deeper breath in the form of a visual dialogue that ultimately invites the viewer to participate in the experience.

A variety of considerations and intentions arise as I go through the process of resolving the puzzle of a painting. Observation, memory, the sub-conscious, practice, serendipity.

To make art is to confirm aliveness and joy, and ultimately to express my true self. I seek the surprise and the magic, and I paint to satisfy that desire which requires me to pick up the brush and begin with the paint.

—Carol C Spaulding